Installing the Kalydo Player

Beware. Awesome gaming starts here…

About the Kalydo Player plugin

With the Kalydo Player you can run Kalydo Powered games directly from the web browser and (some) from the PC desktop. No big downloads needed. The Kalydo Player is trusted, virus free software. It updates automatically, so you only have to install it once.  Learn more about Kalydo | Get Support

You can install the Kalydo Player in two ways, please choose:


1. Install Kalydo automatically:

The Kalydo Player installs automatically when you have Java running on your computer.

— >See video of the automatic installation

2. Install Kalydo Player .exe

Download the Kalydo Player installer.exe and run it. When finished it will close without a message. Visit the game page and the game will start.

— > Download Kalydo Player installer.exe
— > See videos of the manual installation

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